Yes, Check Note is compatible with the POS system you already have. It can be powered either via a USB port on the POS terminal/PC, or you can use a standard 5v (minimum 200 mA) USB phone charger (not included). It does not require any software and can be installed in under 30 seconds.

When your venue is given a counterfeit note, you should contact your local police or the Australian Federal Police in your state/territory. You should also complete a Suspect counterfeit banknote form detailing the circumstances of how you came into possession of the counterfeit to assist police.

If there is no police involvement you should send the suspected counterfeit, together with a completed Suspect counterfeit banknote form via registered mail to:

Australian Federal Police
Locked Bag 4817
Somerton VIC 3062

A property receipt will be forwarded to you acknowledging receipt of the property.

Check Note’s isolated circuit board design means that it can withstand falling liquid substances from above. When also mounted to clean surfaced cash drawer, It’s industrial strength adhesive seal can lift the weight of the cash drawer.

Check Note’s non-intrusive design means that it does not slow down the transaction speed, nor does it require any software on your terminal to be used. Its slim 0.8 cm thickness means that it can often be mounted on cash drawers that are below the bench.

Check Note is compatible with and has been tested with the following currencies: AUD, USD, GBP, CAD, NZD, JPY.

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